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Our founder Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal took the step in July 2020, when the world was still struggling to keep pace with the new normal and young minds were left midway on the path of advancement – the last exam, the final semester, the one closing for quota and the concluding step of a huge project. We’ve been there too.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal is the CEO of Desi ATM Online Services, and a reputed businessman from West Bengal. He has built a conglomerate, which expands into the construction, media, furniture, retail and social media industries. Inspired by the ‘Digital India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ campaigns launched by the Government of India, Mr. Agarwal was determined to make a marked contribution to the project, which resulted in the creation of DesiTik.

He brought together a team, which worked with sheer enthusiasm to create a through and through Indian platform, that would provide the youth (yes, you too who raised an eyebrow at that) an opportunity to share their creativity with other individuals who share the same interests as them – games, sports, entertainment, fields of study, professions and in this case, situations as well. We established DesiTik to provide a stage to all the zealous hearts which derive delight from sharing their talent; who feel a pounding satisfaction when they are appreciated.

We believe that you have a lot of potential, just as the others out there, and are only waiting for an opportunity to share it with the world. Just because you are not as pronounced as the others, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a chance. The aim to build a network, that lends you a hand when you fall and gives you a push when you’re doing good, just the way your family back at home, is what drove us into the making of DesiTik.

True flair is always appreciated; but to reach there you need a mind that is unhesitant in what you share, an unwavering confidence in your finesse and positivity in the way you perceive the response. You need to overlook the hands that pull you down, and focus on the mouths that push you forward. You need to realize that the world can truly be a stage where you (and none but you) get to define the way others see you.

We want to make sharing and growing your niche, easier than it could ever be. We want to give you a real boost upwards on the ladder.

In here, it’s a world that works your way, and you have all the rights to stare wide-eyed. Come experience the thrill as raw as we felt when we lovingly crafted DesiTik for you.
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